Backyard – Chic

June 23, 2012

This summer I am working on my sister’s wedding reception coming up in ONE MONTH!  She got married last January but decided to postpone the reception until the summer so she could do it outside.  She is a bride on a budget (and really, who isn’t?) so the summer soiree will be set up in her backyard.

An obvious, but still fun and ALWAYS budget-friendly theme choice is backyard-chic.

My usual MO when thinking about a party theme is to look for the subtle threads that tie the whole theme together, rather than the often obvious choices.

For my own wedding, for example, the beach and the water was my inspiration.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good Beach/Luau/Tiki party as much as anyone.  But that was not what I was going for.  Instead, I let the colors of the ocean inspire my palette (turquoise and lime) and then looked for ways to create the feelings being by the ocean inspired in me (ease, calm, balance, peace, but still light and fun) with the atmosphere and decor.  But enough about me, more on that later.  Back to Sis’ reception….

Anyways, I said that is my usual MO.  This time, I can’t really say I’m going subtle.  The concept of backyard – chic is just so much fun and there so many great ideas out there!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas so far!

At first we were thinking the obvious choice of burgers and dogs for the menu.  But when I saw these, I knew this was the way to go!  Idea courtesy of Yummy Wedding Food

 Don’t you just love these mini beer steins?  Perfect to wash down those Bite-Size Burger Kabobs! Photo courtesy of
The Wedding Tree

Cay anyone say “Yes, please!”  These are no ordinary watermelon slices.  These are Tequila – Soaked Watermelon!  Idea courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Sis originally wanted to display photos of her January wedding and honeymoon on some poster board.  I suggested this chic and easy way for guests to enjoy her display.  Photo courtesy of Homemaker’s Handbook.

We have a ton of Corona buckets similar to these leftover from our wedding last year.  We filled them with brown sugar to look like sand and used them to display our cake pops at our seaside wedding.  This is a simple and inexpensive way to repurpose those buckets for a backyard wedding.

Awhile back Hubs brought home 4 vintage window panes similar to these that he got off of Craigslist for free to use for a greenhouse.  Since they are still sitting in the backyard waiting to be used, I am confiscating them and going to use them to display the menu at Sis’ reception.  Photo courtesy of BeyondWhite on Etsy

S’mores are a must have at a summer bbq.  But if you want to skip the open flame (although I personally think that’s part of what make S’mores so great, but for a large party might not be practical) these S’mores bars will fit the bill!  Recipe courtesy of Wit and Whistle

Check out my Pinterest Backyard – Chic board with tons of other ideas including using old, wooden  ladders for display, a wheelbarrow as an ice chest, lemons and limes as centerpieces, apothecary jars for candy display, firefly lanterns and more!

Yesterday Hubs went yard-sale-ing and came home with some great finds for Sis’ reception which I will post later.  I’ve never been one for garage or yard sales, but when it comes to shopping for a party, I may be able to be persuaded.  We are off again today to look for more backyard – chic finds.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Backyard – Chic

  1. This is so great! What wonderful ideas! I especially like those little steins and the burgers. May need to “borrow” that one!

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