Airplane Seats Repurposed?

June 26, 2012

As I said last post, Hubs and I went garage-sale-ing last weekend, on the hunt for some backyard – chic finds for Sis’ wedding reception in July.

And I kid you not, we found these at a church rummage sale.  They were pretty cool actually.  Nippon airlines, I would guess from the 70’s or 80’s as the armrests still had the old ashtrays airplanes used to have.

My first thought was, who would buy these?  But then I started thinking….. these could act like movie seats at an Oscar Night Party!  Or in a man cave for Father’s Day!

Hubs testing them out

Sadly, we didn’t bring these home.  But it was just so off-the-wall that I had to post some pics.

Hubs did find what he thinks is an old milk can, from Williams Sonoma, for a buck.  The kind you would use if you were actually milking a cow.  I’m not sure if Williams Sonoma would have ever made anything like that, but I’m not sure what it’s original use actually was.

If anyone knows, I’d be interested.  But I think this will be fabulous filled with sunflowers and other wildflowers in Sis’ colors, displayed on an old wooden ladder (which we picked one up for free from Craigslist this weekend, as well.) Similar to this idea:

Photo courtesy of Hardscape in the Garden

We’ll be hitting up more garage sales in the weekends to come.

But in case you were wondering, those airplane seats are no longer available.  It turns out I was right, they found a good home to be used in someone’s man cave.


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