Posted in July 2012

Expect the Unexpected

The cardinal rule of event planning.

And Sis’ reception was no exception.

These are the things that event planners don’t tell you, but you can pretty much count on something unexpected happening no matter what the event.

But what matters is not what goes wrong, but how you handle it.

And in the end, we heard nothing but praise and compliments for our efforts.

For your pleasure, here are a few of what we might call “learning experiences” that we encountered during Sis’ backyard-chic wedding reception:

1. We planned to string pictures on a clothesline that was strung across the yard.  I had bought several clothespins at a craft store and Sis’ MIL had a lot more.  I didn’t realize when I bought them though, that they were not the kind that had a mechanism that gave the clothespin a tight hold.  Instead, they were designed to just sit on top of the clothesline, which was NOT going to hold a picture.  But my other sister had a brilliant idea that saved the day!  We just paper-clipped the photos to the clothesline and then put the clothespin on top.  No one knew the difference!

2. This was a budget wedding, so we borrowed all of the tables and chairs we were using from various friends and family. It was hard to get an exact count, and the count was constantly changing.  You know how it goes, so-and-so thought they had 2 rounds and 3, 6-foot banquets, but actually they have 1 round and 2, 6-foot tables and 1, 4-foot table.  We ended up having plenty of seating, but we ran out of the buckets we were using for the centerpieces.  These were the planned centerpiece:

And when we ran out of those, I improvised, using a pretty teacup set and gravy boat I found in my sister’s cupboards:

3.  In typical Northwest style, we had thunderstorms and downpours the day before the reception.  This was a backyard wedding and we hadn’t been able to borrow a tent.  But the weather report was showing that it should be clear by the time of the party.  At the most we were hoping for partly cloudy but warm.  What happened was full sun and HOT!  So hot in fact, that none of the guest sat at the pretty tables I set up in the middle of the backyard.  They ended up sitting all around the edges of the yard where they could find shade.

That’s all I can share today without giving away too much. 😉  A girl’s gotta keep some secrets, right?

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