Beachy Keen

July 9, 2012

With wedding season in full swing, chances are you will be attending at least one beach-themed wedding.

Whether you’re travelling to the likes of Hawaii or Mexico, or your destination is within your  zip code.

In a previous post, I mentioned my philosophy on developing and designing an event theme.

Disclaimer:  I promise, I won’t always be blogging about my own wedding – it’s just such a great example of this concept!

When thinking about a theme, every bride has to examine how she wants who she is to be reflected in her wedding.  For me, I love being near the ocean.  To paraphrase Faith Hill, it makes me feel small.  In a good way.  Like, it puts my problems into perspective.  I feel peaceful and balanced (well, it helps anyways).  Being by the ocean makes me feel like everything is right with the world.

So when thinking about my own wedding, I wanted to create an atmosphere that invoked those feelings for my guests.

I steered away from anything tiki.  I love shells, and have collected them from my travels and displayed them around my house, but they were too obvious for my wedding.

Instead, I used tropical colors that reminded me of the ocean (turquoise blue and lime green) as my color palette.  I love pink and wanted to incorporate it somehow, but was worried that it would contrast too much with the other strong colors.  So I just used it as an accent.  Then I looked for ways to weave these colors into my decor in a way that created the atmosphere I was looking for.

Here are a few ways I did that:

I had baskets of flip flops for my guests to change into.  In the wedding colors for the girls and black for the boys.  They were a hit and I was happy to have a pair by the end of the night as well.

 Instead of a traditional guest book, I cut 2 x 3 squares of card stock in my color palette and had guests sign them and throw them in a hurricane vase filled with turquoise sea glass.  The idea being that I will put them in a scrapbook at a later date.  (I will…eventually…..honest!)

For favors, I found these Murano glass – inspired wine bottle stoppers that were just perfect.  They look like they would cost a lot but they were actually only about $1.50 each.

My favorite flower is the Oriental Lily.  It’s scent makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii and the color provided the pink accent I wanted.  I was looking for ways to save and trying to steer away from all floral centerpieces which can get pricey.  I found these Moroccan – style lanterns and my florist tucked the lily stems into each window -less pane of the lantern.

I wanted guests to to have something to do at the table as an ice breaker.  I found this idea for personalized mad libs.  I was able to get them designed for me through a woman on Etsy and had them printed myself.  As you can see, they incorporated the lily that was in my centerpieces and bouquet.

Cupcakes were all the rage for wedding desserts in 2010 so I was looking for something unique for our 2011 wedding.  Cake pops were just becoming a trend and after a little digging I found a couple of girls just starting out that were able to make them custom for us.  In addition to the cake stand we took Corona buckets and filled them with sand to look like brown sugar for display.

Luckily I found a venue that was just perfect.  It was on the water, with a view of the Olympic Mountains in the background.  A perfect blending of my beach-inspired theme and Northwest background.  In fact, not a lot of extra decoration was required because the venue and the view were so beautiful on their own


 My bridesmaids dresses were this beautiful aqua blue chiffon that coordinated perfectly with the rest of the setting.

All photos courtesy of Grant Horiuchi Photography.

For more beach – inspired ideas, check out my Beachy Keen Pinterest Board!


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