From Red, White and Blue to Gold, Silver and Bronze

July 13, 2012

I have a confession to make.  I don’t like the Olympics.

Wait!  Before you stop reading, let me explain.  I don’t like the Olympics because they usually preempt any tv shows I want to watch.  (I told you this was a confession, so don’t judge me too harshly, at least I’m admitting it.)

But with the Fourth behind us now, and no more official holidays until Labor Day,  there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Despite my personal peeve, the Olympics are a perfect reason to throw a party!

So don’t pack away those 4th of July decorations yet, all of that red, white and blue will work perfectly for a Summer Olympics Party theme.

And if you threw a Royal Wedding Party or celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, now’s a great time to pull out all of those party supplies too.  London has had a lot to celebrate lately, which means us Yanks can save money by reusing our party gear!

There are as many options for throwing an Olympics party as there are Olympics sports.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Throw an Olympics viewing party.  Decorate either with a USA theme, a London theme, or another country you support.  Or decorate with items representing the sport you are most interested in.

via Bird’s Party

  • Olympics trivia makes a great party game.  Research some trivia questions about the sports you are watching and have gold, silver and bronze medals as prizes.
Photo courtesy of A Small Snippet
  • Set up games in your backyard or on the beach for kids (or adults) to compete in.  Again, use medals as prizes for the winners.

All Olympians (whether they are real or perceived), need sustenance.  Here are a few ideas to keep the games rolling!

Mix up some Kamakaze’s and add lifesavers as the Olympic rings via Examiner

Fiery Torch Cocktail via Rachael Ray

The classic British drink Pimm’s Cup popular at polo match’s is cool and refreshing for any sport.

via Food & Wine

Olympic Onion Rings via Rachael Ray

Coronation Chicken Salad via Food & Wine

These look like bread bowls with the center removed and dips added via American Greentings

Popcorn and ice cream cone torches.  Just be careful they don’t blow away! via A Small Snippet

Cupcakes are a go-to for any party via A Small Snippet

Check out my Olympics Party Pinterest board for more Olympic inspirations!


3 thoughts on “From Red, White and Blue to Gold, Silver and Bronze

  1. Jamie, you have such fabulous creative ideas! After Sis’s wedding, please start thinking about a 50th anniversary! I especially love that ladder and what you did to those old windows!

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